Research areas:

  • Electronics Cooling

  • Data center thermal design

  • Heat Exchangers                                                                       

  • Single and two phase Immersion cooling

  • Evaporative Cooling

  • Particulate/gaseous contamination

  • Material Characterization 

  • Physics of Failure

  • Reliability

  • Thermo-Mechanical Design

Senior Design Projects:

"Data Center Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Corrosion Rate"; Andrew Laffiteau, Moustapha P Niang,Rupesh Phuyal, Laba Pyakurel and Bijay Rijal

"Design of a Bending/Bowing Resistant Heat Sink Back Plate"; Shishir Dhungana, Jonathan Dow, Kinsey Janzen, and Dianne Narzinski